Wood N Games - Maine Made Outdoor Games

About Wood N Games

Wood 'N' Games is a one-man operation.  I started building outdoor games for my personal use, out of a curiosity of the games themselves.  Additional sets became wedding presents, and from there, I started making sets for friends and co-workers.  During this time, I researched every source I could find for information on these great games from all over the world.  I realized that I could make many of the games that are largely unknown outside of Northern Europe, and share them with other people.


All of the games I feature are built in my shop, located near Auburn, Maine.  All of the cutting, shaping and finishing are done by hand, not mass-production machines.  I make game sets that I would want to use myself.  All are finished with a durable protective topcoat, and should give a great deal of enjoyment for years to come.  


Please contact me with any questions you may have; I would be happy to assist.  I am always glad to talk to someone about the fantastic games played around the world, and can recommend a game for your interests or skills.